Kevin Meredith

Kevin Meredith is a co-founder at The WESEE Collective – a united set of endeavors that are committed to find, foster and enhance the meaning and outcomes of value around the world by simultaneously advancing Wellness, Education, Society, Ethics and Environment. 

Kevin directly leads The WESEE Collective’s Fourth Sector Innovations (4thSI) business. This advisory service is focused on understanding and unlocking their client’s value creation potential through organic innovation.

Kevin’s approach to innovation was forged while working at Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, as an enterprise leader of organic innovation. In this role, Kevin conceived, developed, and scaled a small pilot program into a company-wide network of connected employees and businesses that spanned the globe. His perspectives on value creation were further enhanced when Kevin spent two years in Boeing’s corporate venturing group where he was responsible for early stage pipeline development and acceleration. 

In his nearly 13 years at Boeing, Kevin supported amazing technologies that push the limits of possibility while accumulating a diverse set of experiences in program management, engineering, supplier management, process improvement (six sigma and lean), supplier-quality, human factors and auditing.

Kevin received his engineering degrees (BS/MS) from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a business degree (MBA in Entrepreneurship) from Pepperdine University.

Kevin lives in Southern California with his wife, two kids and their dog RB.